The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fisheries certification program and environmental label for seafood certifies and rewards sustainable fishing.

The MSC is a global organisation which works with fisheries, seafood companies, researchers, environmental groups and the public sector to promote the most environmentally friendly seafood. The main reason for us deciding to be certified by the MSC was to demonstrate our sense of responsibility and traceability to other customers. It is one thing for us to create our own environmental responsibility, but it is also extremely important to have a third party, such as the MSC, to prove the validity of these arguments.

Where fishing is certified in accordance with the MSC’s environmental standards for sustainable fishing, independent certification to the chain of custody standard can verify that fishery production and sale is sustainable.

The following companies within Nergård have the MSC – Chain of Custody certificate: Lofoten Viking AS, Nergård Bø AS, Nergård Sild AS, Nergård Senja AS and Nergård AS.

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