Salted fish/clipfish


Gadus morhua

Cod has been salted and dried along the coast of Norway for centuries. The basic principles remain the same today. This being so, this premium product results from our commitment 
to old traditions and high standards of fresh fish quality.

Product categories: 
Salted, clipfish (dried saltfish)
Packing type: 
Pallets of 1000 kg and 500 kg. Cartons of 15 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg
Main season (January - April)

Nergård has several factories, located in the area from Lofoten in the south to Finnmark in the north, which produce saltfish. Clipfish is produced in our factory in Senjahopen. 


Klippfisk torsk
Klippfisk torsk
Klippfisk torsk
Saltet fisk torsk
Saltet fisk torsk