Fresh fish


Pollachius virens

Saithe is both a pelagic and a demersal fish. It swims in shoals, which can be enormous in good habitats with plenty of food. Like the other fish in the cod family, Saithe is an outstanding source of protein.

Saithe is traditionally one of the most important fish caught in Northern Norway alongside cod. It remains popular today both commercially and for sport.

Product categories: 
Fresh fish
Packing type: 
Packed in 10 kg and 20 kg polyboxes
May - September

Nergård has serveral factories located from the Lofoten area in the south to Finnmark in the north. Each of the factories has a lot of small coastal vessels as suppliers of fresh fish. This vessels have a short way from the cathing area to the local factory. In that way the fish is guaranteed beeing fresh when it`s packed and ready to be shipped out to the customers.