Fresh fish


The grading of redfish is -700 grams, 700 grams to 2 kg and 2 kg +. Also this fish is separated into fully iced fish for fileting in
20-25 kg and Superior quality fish for distribution in 10 kg polyboxes.

Halibut: Halibuts are graded as -4,5 kg head on and 4,5+ head less. Normally the halibuts are rather big and in this case then the grading 40 kg+ and 60+ head on are used. The smaller sizes are packed in 20 kg polyboxes and the larger ones are packed in containers. Normally a container is around 200 kg. The season for fishing halibut is in April and then from September to December.

Greenland halibut
Greenland halibuts gutted head off are graded -1kg , 1-2 kg,
2-3 kg and 3 kg+. Greenland halibut is normally packed in 20 kg polyboxes. The main season for fishing Greenland halibut is June and August.

We can also deliver fresh filets of cod, haddock and coalfish.


Nergård has serveral factories located from the Lofoten area in the south to Finnmark in the north. Each of the factories has a lot of small coastal vessels as suppliers of fresh fish. This vessels have a short way from the cathing area to the local factory. In that way the fish is guaranteed beeing fresh when it`s packed and ready to be shipped out to the customers.