Gadus morhua


The annual fishery of Northeast Arctic cod (skrei) is one of nature’s greatest adventures here in Northern Norway. Through sustainable resource management, a stock has been built up, which has produced extremely good catches in recent years.

Product categories: Fresh Superior

Season: June – December

Sigve Johansen

Sales Manager
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Cod has been salted and dried along the coast of Norway since the Viking Age. The basic method remains the same to this day. However, this premium product results from our commitment to old traditions and high standards of fresh fish quality.

Product categories: Salted, clipfish (salted and dried), (Prime grade / Second grade)

Season: January – April

Otto Fredrikson

Sales Manager
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Cod is a lean fish that provides us with proteins, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. Research results show that cod proteins provide major health benefits. Researchers at the University of Bergen found that animals that received dietary cod proteins developed better protection against type 2 diabetes. There is every indicate that the same applies to humans. Cod is also rich in iodine, which affects the metabolism and promotes thyroid health.

Product categories: H&G frozen

Season: Year-round

Torkild Konradsen

Sales Manager
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Cod is extremely sought-after due to its great taste and delicate appearance. The flesh is moist and flaky when cooked, and bright white in colour. Cod is very well suited for salting and drying. Stockfish is sorted into “Prime grade” and “Second grade”.

Product categories: Blank

Season: February – April

Otto Fredrikson

Sales Manager
+47 40 60 41 29


Nergård uses the cod livers to produce cod liver oil. We extract oil of the finest quality, which is full of fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Sweden shares our enthusiasm for caviar. Nergård exports sugar salted roe there for caviar production, as well as smaller quantities to Denmark. As a frozen product, the roe is used in the production of various pâtés.

Elisabeth Nordmo

Export Coordinator
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