It all started with the ship Ovedia at the end of the forties. It continued with the establishment of fish factory at Lysnes on Senja. The first expansion came with the purchase of a small factory in Senjahopen in 1972, and the young son of Arvid and Olga Nergård – Ole-Arvid – was hired as its manager. 

Subsequently almost everything was about the founder, the strategist and leader, Ole-Arvid Nergård. By the slow accumulation of stone upon stone, by starting new companies and, not least, through multiple acquisitions of companies working with catching, processing and selling fish, the company grew from beeing a small fish producer on Senja into a major participant within the Norwegian fishing industry. Unfortunately, Ole-Arvid passed away in 2008 after being struck down by a serious disease in 2006. 

His family decided to sell shares in Nergård AS and a long process ended when a new owner, Nergård Holding AS, acquired all shares at the end of 2010.

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