Nergård Senja AS & Nergård Sild AS

Nergård Senja AS is 100 % owned by Nergård. The company has factories in Gryllefjord, Senjahopen and Grunnfarnes and also a receiving station for fish in Fjordgård. Nergård Senja AS if one of northern Norway’s largest market players as far as quantities of white fish are concerned. The main commodities are cod, saithe, haddock and Greenland halibut. Salt fish and dried salted fish (clipfish) are produced from cod and saithe. Frozen fillets are produced from haddock, while Greenland halibut is round frozen.

Contact Information

Companyname: Nergård Senja AS
Office address: Mefjordveien 1537, Senjahopen
Postal address: Box 7, 9386 Senjahopen
Phone: +47 77 85 99 00
Fax: +47 77 85 99 05
General manager: Oddgeir Simonsen
Mobile: +47 414 37 949