Nergård AS/Nergård Seafood AS

Nergård AS is the parent company of the group, which  owns shares in the subsidiaries. The company is headed by Tommy Torvanger and has its head office in Tromsø. The marketing operation, Nergård Seafood AS, also has its base there. 

Nergård Seafood AS - Sales
Nergård Seafood AS is the primary sales and marketing channel of the Nergård group. The company sells most of the group's pelagic products and all variants of white fish, with the exception of stockfish from the Lofoten Islands. Nergård Seafood also sells fish from companies not connected with the group. The company's general manager is Jon Ingi Björnsson. 

Nergård AS, Group Management and Finance
Nergård AS is responsible for the group's financial systems, financial reporting, accounts and financing. The parent company is also responsible for group's IT systems. 


Contact Information
Group Management and Finance


Contact Information
Nergård Seafood AS - Sales

Companyname: Nergård AS   Companyname: Nergård Seafood AS
Office address: Strandtorget 3, 9008 Tromsø   Office address: Strandtorget 3, 9008 Tromsø
Postal address: P.O. Box 613, 9256 Tromsø   Postal address: P.O. Box 613, 9256 Tromsø
Phone: +47 77 66 75 30   Phone: +47 77 66 75 00


Tommy Torvanger

  Fax: +47 77 66 75 05
Mobile: +47 900 98 961   General Manager: Jon Ingi Björnsson
E-mail:   Mobile: +47 40 60 20 86